“Inflammatory knee joint disease can lead to debilitating complications. It is not a distant warning. If left untreated or inadequately managed, the difficulties of knee joint inflammation extend beyond mere pain and restricted mobility. They can progress to knee joint degeneration, bone deformities, and long-lasting chronic damage.”

1. What is knee arthritis?

Knee joint inflammation is when the natural cushioning between bones and cartilage wears away, causing it to become rough and coarse. It leads to the bones rubbing against each other during movement, resulting in pain and making it challenging for the patient to walk.

Although it is not life-threatening, knee joint inflammation significantly affects the patient’s mobility. Statistics show that approximately 80% of knee joint inflammation patients have limitations in their daily activities, and 20% require assistance with basic tasks.

2. Causes of knee joint inflammation:

Osteoarthritis of the knee joint

It is a natural aging process where the ability to regenerate and repair deteriorates as you grow old. Furthermore, osteoarthritis reduces the lubricating synovial fluid, causing increased friction between the bone ends and exacerbating knee joint inflammation.

Excess Weight and Obesity

Weight gain increases pressure on all joints, especially the knee joints. Research suggests that for every 1 kg of weight gain, there’s a 5 kg increase in force on the knees. Therefore, weight loss is essential for effective knee joint inflammation treatment

Knee Joint Injuries

Specific occupations that involve prolonged squatting, kneeling, or heavy lifting can exert significant stress on the knee joints, leading to damage.

3. Signs and symptoms of knee joint inflammation:

– Morning stiffness and pain when waking up

– Swelling and warmth in the joint, indicating knee inflammation and fluid buildup

– Prolonged joint stiffness, lasting 10 – 30 minutes, often occurring after prolonged standing or sitting without movement.

– Joint noises, especially when bending, moving, or climbing stairs.

Common complications if knee joint degeneration is left untreated:

According to the International Institute of Restorative Medicine’s AMIO, if knee joint degeneration is not detected early and appropriately treated, the condition can quickly progress to a severe stage and become dangerous, leading to complications such as:

– Chronic and persistent pain

– Deformation of the knee joint

– Difficulty walking

– Muscle atrophy and paralysis

5. Safe treatment methods for knee joint inflammation:

“The primary goal of treating knee joint inflammation is to alleviate acute pain, eliminate inflammatory factors, and regenerate damaged joint cartilage. Simultaneously, it aims to improve joint mobility, reduce the risk of recurrent pain, and prevent joint deformities.”

Typically, patients explore solutions such as medication, injections, or surgery. However:

– Overusing medications can harm the liver, cause gastric ulcers, and affect internal organs.

– Surgery often carries risks such as joint infections, prolonged pain, and slow recovery. Therefore, surgery is considered a last resort when conservative treatments are ineffective.”

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in modern medicine, AMIO StemCell offers a standardized American approach to treating ankle joint degeneration using Bio Nano Cell therapy, a form of stem cell therapy.

Bio Nano Cell operates on automatic search, repair, and complete replacement of damaged cells caused by aging with new, healthy cells. This therapy offers several benefits:

– Rapid Pain Reduction: Significantly reduces symptoms like pain, stiffness, and joint rigidity.

– Accelerated Cartilage Regeneration: Enhances the body’s natural healing processes, forming new cartilage and bolstering the body’s self-healing capabilities.

– Improved Joint Lubrication: Enhances joint lubrication, eliminating dry joint conditions.

– Slows Down the Aging Process: Slows down joint cartilage aging and damage.

– Collagen Supplementation: Stabilizes the joint cartilage structure.

– Enhanced Mobility: Improves joint mobility, durability, and flexibility.

Notably, this is a treatment for joint degeneration that does not require medication or surgery and allows patients to continue their daily activities without needing prolonged rest. Bio Nano Cell therapy is considered a leading choice for joint degeneration treatment in the United States and Europe.


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