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Treatment Process and Important Considerations

The examination process at AMIO StemCell clinic comprises several essential steps. Patients are kindly advised to follow these instructions to make their visit for chiropractic care as convenient and straightforward as possible. The sequence of steps is as follows:

5-Step Standard American Osteoarthritis Treatment

Step 1: Health Information Exchange with the Doctor’s Assistant

The AMIO medical team’s assistants will gather information about the patient’s medical history and understand their expectations to provide appropriate treatment recommendations.

Step 2: One-on-One Consultation with Top Specialized Doctors

A team of experienced specialized doctors will examine and treat patients directly. Initially, the doctors will assess clinical conditions through mobility assessments and utilize DEEP ULTRASOUND machines to analyze deep-seated joint issues. This process allows precise identification of the injury location, shortening treatment time and reducing complications compared to conventional methods.

Next, X-RAY FILM analysis of cartilage and bones will determine the stage of joint degeneration. After combining the three examination steps, the doctor will design a PERSONALIZED treatment plan tailored to the patient’s medical condition and economic circumstances.

Step 3: Treatment with BIO NANO CELL Therapy

Doctors will deliver DIFFERENTIATED cells precisely to the affected area. Based on the search-and-repair mechanism, damaged cells caused by aging will be replaced with healthy new cells. Bio Nano Cell addresses the root cause of the disease, resulting in:


– ENHANCED joint lubrication, eliminating dryness and stiffness

– REGENERATION of worn-out cartilage, reversing degeneration.

Step 4: Incorporating FDA-Approved Advanced Technologies

Doctors will use high-tech systems imported directly from the United States and Europe throughout treatment, designed explicitly for osteoarthritis patients. It accelerates recovery speed by up to 5 times, optimizing treatment effectiveness.

+ Latest-generation Laser – reduces swelling and inflammation

+ Max cool pro – rapidly relieves acute pain

+ Multi-level ultrasound for tissue healing

Step 5: Post-Treatment Care Guidance

Finally, AMIO doctors will provide patients with instructions on how to care for their joints at home through specialized exercises and proper lifestyle adjustments to maintain long-lasting results.

AMIO StemCell offers a STANDARDIZED, safe process, luxurious 5-STAR facilities, and dedicated, compassionate service. AMIO StemCell is the PREMIUM, TRUSTED destination for patients seeking advanced medical care!


Hotline: 1900 5656 00

Locations: 256 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, TPHCM

Facebook: AMIOStemCell

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