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Bio Nano Cell – Leading Treatment for Joint Degeneration Worldwide

After extensive research and real-world application, Bio Nano Cell has initiated a “revolution” in treating joint degeneration, becoming a popular healthcare trend in the United States and Europe.
Bio Nano Cell là gì
Bio Nano Cell is a superior therapy, delivering optimal treatment results.

1. Bio Nano Cell – Natural Joint Healing, Drug-Free, Non-surgical

However, this phenomenon can alter the structure of the knee joint, causing joint deformities.

Bio Nano Cell treats the root cause of degeneration by stimulating the SEEK – REPAIR – REPLACE process for damaged cells with new, healthy cells. Bio Nano Cell contains growth factors with specialized functions such as PGDF, TGF-Beta, IGF, and HGF. Among them:

  • PGDF: Stimulates cell replication
  • TGF – Beta: Regulates cartilage firmness
  • PDF, HGF: Promotes blood vessel growth to nourish knee cartilage
Bio Nano Cell là gì
The growth factors in Bio-Nano Cell
As soon as these growth factors are introduced into the knee joint, they function like “machines” to expedite the healing of injuries and quickly restore the structure of knee cartilage.In particular, Bio Nano Cell is considered one of the SAFEST and MOST EFFECTIVE therapies today, meeting the following criteria:

2. No medication, non-harmful to internal organs, non-dependent on medication

NO SURGERY, no post-operative risks, no complications

100% biocompatibility

No excretion, no complications

Suitable for older adults and those with multiple underlying health conditions.

Scientifically proven SUPERIOR effectiveness

Compared to traditional treatment methods such as medication, acupuncture, and acupressure, the effectiveness of Bio Nano Cell is proven through its exceptional capabilities:

– RAPID PAIN REDUCTION quickly reduces symptoms of pain, stiffness, and joint rigidity…

– ENHANCES lubricating synovial fluid, eliminates dryness of joints

– ACCELERATES the regeneration of damaged cartilage, creating a new cartilage cushion promoting the body’s natural healing ability.

– SUPPLEMENTS collagen, stabilizes knee cartilage structure.

– REVERSES The aging/damage process of knee cartilage minimizes aging effects.

– IMPROVES mobility enhances joint strength and flexibility.

WEEK 1: 20% recovery. Bio Nano Cell begins to act on damaged cells and repair them.

WEEK 2: 50% recovery. Cells proliferate vigorously, and knee cartilage gradually regenerates, widening the joint space. Pain significantly decreases.

WEEK 3: 90% recovery. Patients can move, walk, and carry out daily activities usually.

3. Combining advanced therapeutic technology – A crucial link in creating the American standard treatment protocol

In addition to cell therapy using Bio Nano Cell, AMIO StemCell employs a combination of advanced American-standard technology directly transferred from leading research and manufacturing companies specializing in joint function recovery equipment such as Winback and Chattanooga.

The advanced technology system helps reduce pain and inflammation quickly, accelerates the recovery process, and enhances treatment effectiveness FIVEFOLD.

Bio Nano Cell là gì
American-standard advanced technology system                                   

New-generation Laser Technology

– Eliminates inflammatory factors and reduces joint inflammation and swelling rapidly.

– Stimulates surrounding tissue regeneration – muscles, tendons, and ligaments.

– Combats edema, regulates blood circulation and enhances air and blood flow.

Multi-layer Ultrasound Machine

– Rapidly alleviates pain.

– Reduces muscle contraction, edema, and joint inflammation quickly.

– Promotes cell regeneration and stimulates the healing process of damaged cartilage.

Max Cool Pro Machine

– Instant pain reduction, releases tension and stiffness in muscles.

– STIMULATES blood circulation accelerates the development of tissue repair by twice the speed.

Electrical Stimulation Machine

– Restores soft tissues and accelerates the recovery process.

– Reconstructs mobile arteries and supports the healing of damaged muscle tissues.

– Stimulates nerve function and increases muscle mass.

4. Important notes after Bio Nano Cell treatment for joint degeneration

After 1-3 initial treatment days, some cases may experience the following issues:

increased pain and discomfort in the knee joint, accompanied by a sensation of tightness and stiffness during movement, especially after the first and second treatments.

PAIN PERSISTS FOR 1 TO 2 DAYS after treatment and gradually decreases on the third day.

However, doctors at AMIO StemCell affirm that these are VERY NORMAL symptoms, primarily originating from the unique working mechanism of Bio Nano Cell stem cell therapy.

These symptoms will COMPLETELY DISAPPEAR once the body has adapted and become accustomed to the changes. Therefore, patients can rest assured and continue their treatment at AMIO StemCell.

Additionally, after each Bio Nano Cell treatment session, patients should keep in mind a few things to ensure treatment effectiveness:

– Avoid getting the treated area wet within 24 hours after treatment.

– Limit strenuous activity in the first three days.

– Persist in combining physical therapy and home exercises as instructed by the doctor to enhance treatment effectiveness.

Bio Nano Cell là gì
Frequent physical therapy as instructed by the doctor
AMIO StemCell, an international medical institute, commits to delivering the SAFEST – MOST EFFECTIVE solutions at the LOWEST COST for patients!


Hotline: 1900 5656 00

Locations: 256 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Phường Võ Thị Sáu, Quận 3, TPHCM

Facebook: AMIOStemCell

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